What would you miss most if society as we know it collapsed? Okay, probably not the most cheerful question, I  know.

I would miss paper. And that thought led me to a plot idea. I imagined a woman living in the California foothills, surviving, after . . .well, there’s  plenty to choose from these days, isn’t  there? A virus, perhaps.

She’s run out of paper. As the story opens, she’s already covered the walls with poetry, and she’s  running out of ink.

This wouldn’t be a  depressing story, however. Exactly the  opposite. It would be about the irrepressible creative nature of humanity. Strip away all the other stuff, and we’d  still be drawing on the cave walls. It’s who we are. We create.


It took longer than expected to finish writing Dream Sketcher. But the characters and I finally wrapped it up. Now I’m thinking about a sequel. It seems to me that if someone actually invented a time machine, various people would be eager to steal it for nefarious reasons, don’t you think?

I’m also thinking about learning to play the bagpipes. I went so far as to buy a practice chanter, which is the pipe that you use to learn fingerings, unattached to a bag. The problem is, it’s pretty loud, so I can’t practice it very often. And bagpipes would be even louder. But I like to imagine myself on a hill far from civilization playing my bagpipes into the wind. Maybe some day.

Upcoming Events

In our co-housing community we have lots of kids. Several of them read Dream Sketcher and gave me suggestions. I’m planning a thank you party for them. I might try to get my hands on some bag pipes. At least I already have a cello. Maybe we’ll save the world together!

About the Author


I’m Rhonda Langley. I write books. You’ve never heard of me, so don’t rack your brains.  While I am many things (wife, mother, daughter, cello player, piano teacher, gardener . . .) famous is not one of them.

I suspect that you aren’t famous either.  Who is?  So that’s that.  Maybe we should just all go wash the dishes. Hm?

And yet, for me writing has been a comfort, a joy, and a means of self-understanding throughout my life.  So much so that I find myself wanting to encourage others to write as well.  Who cares if we’re famous or not? And the dishes just get dirty again, every single time.

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